Papas fritas vendor

Papas Fritas…aka potato chips

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There are many varieties of snacks on the beach; from candy and ice cream to fish on stick, oysters and fresh fruit. But a long time favorite is Papas Fritas….aka potato chips.  The best “mejor” vendor of these is this man;  meet Fidel. He makes 2 batches fresh every day and is sold out every […]

Yum!! the perfect margarita

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What makes a perfect marg?  It’s all about balance and shake.  Why anyone settles for a margarita made with a pre-mix, I’ll never understand. It’s so easy to make it fresh. Here’s my favorite version. 2 parts Controy (local version of orange liquor) 1 part Tequilla (blanco o resposado) I prefer Hornitos or Cazadores juice from […]