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Container gardening Sayulita style….means growing your own pineapples


I got hooked on growing pineapples in containers about 5 year ago. If you stay at  Villa Casa Terramar you will see them around the property, typically we have 2 -3 growing in containers at any one time.

How do you grow your own pineapple?

It is a super easy process especially if you live in a climate that is warm year round, like Sayulita.  Once a plant is started they grow large quickly which gives you a beautiful plant to enjoy as you wait for it to flower. 

Here are the steps..

A great tasting pineapple can mean great future pineapple. So when I have one that is exceptional (so sweet it tastes like candy),  I save that top. Instead of cutting the tops  off I prefer to twist them. They are easier to root and less messy. 

twist off top

Once you have your top, remove some of the bottom leaves and put the top in a glass with water covering the bottom.  In about a week to 10 days you will start to see roots.   Note that you can plant the top without rooting first and just put it in soil.  However, I have found that rooting first seems to insure that the plant starts out stronger and grows more rapidly.

rooting a pineapple top

Next it is time to plant! Typically I just use a mix of potting soil and pots that are about 12-18” in diameter.  Water as needed when the soil is dry.

Now you wait but in the meantime you get to enjoy a beautiful, fuss free plant.


I’m waiting…when will I get a pineapple?

At about the 2 year mark, the plant will produce a flower and this is the start of your pineapple. After it flowers, it still takes another 2 months or so to grow into a harvestable pineapple.   Sometimes you get super lucky and have twins!

twin baby pineapples

How do you know when your pineapple is ready???? The fruit grows out of the plant on a stalk and once the stalk fall’s over the pineapple is ready to pick. It might still need a day or 2 to fully ripen but then it is ready for you to enjoy!  

Pineapple ready to harvest