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Sayulita to Mal Paso


Although our beaches are still closed due to COVID-19,  it doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy a little adventure. There are many outdoor activities  to explore in Sayulita. One of my favorites is walking to Mal Paso. 

Round trip from the start of the trail it’s about a 2 mile walk or so. There are several different trails that you can take.  I think one of the best leads from the beach on the far north side. The trail takes you up, along cliffs that hug the coast which gets you beautiful views of Sayulita, then as you make your way further along the path of the rocky coastline and then of Mal Paso.  

As you wind down again the trail forks, if you go to the left you are treated to a small “hidden” beach.  If you stay to your right you will climb again where there is another look out point. Keep going and pass through the hole in the wall (yes, you read that right) and look for another trail to your left with stairs. Take this down and you will arrive at the southern end of Mal Paso. 

If the tide is out look for the cave in the cliffs and you can pass through to the “hidden” beach.

Once at Mal Paso beach, it is quite possible you will be the only person there. Such a treat!

One note….this is typically not a swimming beach only when it is extremely calm and even then be aware of possible ripe tides.