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What to do in Sayulita???? Spend a day on the water!


If you are wondering what to do in Sayulita and if you want a great day trip on the water, then check out the Chica Locca.
I had my sister in town and since she had never been and it was my bday, we decided to book a tour.
I’ve been several times before over the years and they never disappoint. It’s like being on a floating lounge. Plush, comfy with lots of space to spread out and relax in both sun or shade and a wonderful staff who is making sure that you do not go thirsty or hungry.

We did the tour to the Marietta Islands.  Which included lots different activities; swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking and of course going off the slides from the top of the boat!

After lunch,  we started making our way back and it was all about the whales. The great part of going this time of year is that it is humpback whale season and the captain knows how to spot them. The whales migrate here starting in December and stay until March or so.  After the show of several breaches, tail and fin flapping and a pod of dolphins swimming just in front to the boat we started our way back to the harbor…but wait there was more! You can now also tube behind the boat. Super fun.

Our last stop for the day was a quite bay for a little more swimming and chill time before docking.  Thank you Chica Locca for a wonderful Birthday celebration!