Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a reservation?

Booking your reservation is easy. A 50% deposit is required via Paypal to hold your reservation. You will receive a separate h3ail from PayPal along with the instructions for making your deposit.

Please note that there is a 4% service charge for PayPal. This will be added to your total rental fee.

Once your deposit is received, your reservation is confirmed and you will receive an email  to the address you provided.

The balance is due 30 days prior to your check in date.  You will receive a payment request for this as well.

If you are reserving now for a booking with an arrival date in less than 30 days then you will need to make the full payment now in order to confirm your reservation.

Our units rent weekly, normally Saturday to Saturday. We are happy to accommodate alternate dates based on availability.

When is the best time to visit Sayulita?

Real answer is simple, anytime.  We have a tropical climate with cooling ocean breezes. During Nov-April  days are glorious, mid to upper 80’s but it  can be chilly  at night so not a bad idea to have a light jacket or lightweight pullover. It is usually dry but there can be an occasional rain. You may want to bring an umbrella just in case as there is nowhere in town to buy one.  Warmer days start happening towards the end of April and early May but still dry and super nice.The vibe in Sayulita is always relaxed but even more so in the summer. Our summer/rainy  season is from July-October. These are  our hottest and most humid months. It’s still a great time to visit as it usually rains at night and doesn’t interfere with your daytime fun time. And if you like storms, there is nothing better than a Sayulita lightening show!
If you want too see what it’s like today, click here

Is the pool private?

Our beautiful pool is for the sole use of those staying on the property.

How do I wash my fruit and vegetables?

We supply Microdina which is a food sanitizer. Simply put a few drops in a sink filled with water, add your produce and let it sit for a few minutes. And you are good to go!

Can I drink the water or drinks with ice?

You cannot drink water from the tap. We provide purified water in all our units. If you are out and about the majority of restaurants will only offer you bottled water. And all use purified ice.

Do I need adapters for electrical things?

No adapters are needed. We have the same electrical outlets as North of the border.

Do you have a hair dryer?

Being a gal..of course we do:) Each unit has a hair dryer.

Are there beach chairs and umbrellas available for us to use?

Yes, we have beach chairs and umbrellas available on a first come first serve basis. We also have coolers and boogie boards available.

Should I rent a car?

A car is not needed to get around in Sayulita and parking is very limited unless you park in a lot. Villa Casa Terramar is centrally located and all is within a 8-10 minute walk. Our guests who rent cars usually do so for day tripping or to visit nearby surf spots. Parking is available along the side of the house.

Are there grocery stores in Sayulita?

Sayulita has a variety of tiendas (small stores) to purchase groceries. The traditional way to shop here is to visit a variety of small tiendas that each have their specialty. For example the fruteria (fruit/veggie market), then maybe the carnicería (butchershop) or perhaps the pescaderia (fish market).All of these are within a 3-4 blocks from Villa Casa Terramar.

There is also an organic market, Terrenal and  from November-April on Fridays you can visit our local farmers market, Mercado del Pueblo.