Getting to Casa Terramar in Sayulita

Sayulita is located approximately, 40 minutes north of the Puerto Vallarta Airport.  The majority of major carries offer flights here. Once you arrive, getting to Sayulita is easy and you have several options. Car Service, airport cab or bus. I recommend the car service as it is an easy hassle free way to arrive. After are on vacation. They greet you in the airport and include a grocery store stop on the way. They also greet you with some cold beverages.  Doesn't get better than that. The bus is very easy as well  and a fun adventure. You can also rent a car but trust won't be using it around town.  I recommend car rental for guests who plan to do a lot of traveling around the area.  But if your plans are to stay in Sayulita then a car is not needed. Sayulita is very walkable. If you don't want to explore the town on foot, golf carts are available to rent.

Detailed directions for driving or taking the bus are below.



We are about a 45 minute drive from the airport. Take the Mexican 200 toward Tepic/Compostela. You will be heading north. Follow that until you see the sign for Sayulita and turn left. There is a large Pemex gas station on the corner.
Follow the road through the arch (hello Sayulita) and stay to your right. You will now be on the main boulevard into town, Revolucion. You will stay on this road about 5 minutes or so. Watch for the bus stop on your left. Just beyond the bus stop will be a street on your right, turn there onto Calle Coral.
Stay on calle Coral, follow it up to the 2nd street and turn right, there is vacant lot on the corner. Follow this cerrado del ciruelo to the end and we are the last house on the left. You can park along side the house.

Car Service

Car Service
If using the car service, Amanecer.

After customs you will eventually enter into the terminal….exit out the main door, look to your left  and the driver will be there with your name on a sign.  You pay the driver in full  when he brings you to the property and you will also  determine your pick up time for your return to the airport. Tipping is customary, like a taxi 10-15% but completely up to you.

The service includes a stop at the grocery store. Always a good idea to remind the driver that you want to stop.

Note: that after customs you will enter into hallway with lots of folks asking you about hotels or transportation most of these are time share people…just keep walking until  you exit into the terminal. 

After customs you will eventually enter into the terminal….look for the area where the folks are holding signs. He will be there with your name.


Taking the bus
Exit the terminal building and turn left, you will see a foot bridge over the highway..take that and at the end you will see the bus stop a few steps away. You want the Compostela bus…white and green or red white and green. Sayulita will be written on the windshield.

Note you will need pesos for the bus…so exchange some at the airport. I think it might be around 50 pesos or more. It changes so make sure you have at least 100 pesos per person.

When you arrive in Sayulita…..You will get off the bus at the last stop in Sayulita which is our bus station.  Exit and  cross the street. There will be a 2 story building on the corner turn right this is calle Coral.  Follow the street up and take the 2nd right, calle cerrado ciruelo,  continue until the end and  Casa Terramar is the last home on the left. Bienvenido!