Viva Mexico!

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Many folks don’t know that Mexico’s Independence day is actually September 15th. Here is great article that explains this special day in Mexican history. El Grito  

scenic view mal paso

Exploring around Sayulita

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One of my favorite past times here is grabbing Ms. Rubi and heading out on foot. You can see so much. A great walk from Villa Casa Terramar is to the far north  beach called Mal Paso.  It’s takes about 30 minutes or so  and along the way you can take a side path to […]

Papas fritas vendor

Papas Fritas…aka potato chips

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There are many varieties of snacks on the beach; from candy and ice cream to fish on stick, oysters and fresh fruit. But a long time favorite is Papas Fritas….aka potato chips.  The best “mejor” vendor of these is this man;  meet Fidel. He makes 2 batches fresh every day and is sold out every […]

Yum!! the perfect margarita

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What makes a perfect marg?  It’s all about balance and shake.  Why anyone settles for a margarita made with a pre-mix, I’ll never understand. It’s so easy to make it fresh. Here’s my favorite version. 2 parts Controy (local version of orange liquor) 1 part Tequilla (blanco o resposado) I prefer Hornitos or Cazadores juice from […]

Baby sea turtle nest

Campamento de Tortuga

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A truly magical and unique experience is to witness a turtle release in Sayulita. It is simply amazing. Happens nightly around sunset from about July until December. You can also adopt a nest. We adopt 2-3 each year. For more information visit their facebook page. Campamento Tortuga Sayulita